Koneviesti wintertest 2017

Norcar a7545 winner of Koneviesti winter test

Norcar won the latest test of mini loaders conducted by technical magazine Koneviesti. Mini loaders from four large European manufacturers were compared. In the end, the cabin-equipped Norcar a7545 emerged as the clear winner.

“Taking the top spot in Koneviestis test means a lot to us. We have made strong investments in product development, and regard the victory as a confirmation that we are on the right path. The high scores in usability and user-friendliness encourage us to keep up the splendid work!”, says Teemu Koho, managing director of Norcar, about the victory.

Koneviesti conducted the mini loader test from a property maintenance viewpoint. When compared to competing machines, the Norcar a7545 proved to meet the requirements best, regardless of weather conditions. The test drivers appreciated, among other qualities, the strong power transmission, handy steering system and the excellent visibility from the cabin. Norcar mini loaders are designed for professional work, but are also perfectly suitable for ordinary users, as they are versatile and very easy to handle.

“During Finland’s 100th anniversary we are very proud to say that Norcar mini loaders are entirely manufactured in Finland”, Koho comments.

Read the whole test here.