Norcar Miniloaders

Ergonomic with outstanding visibility from driver's seat
Norcar mini loaders have the driver's seat located at the rear, similar to larger front loaders, which makes them flexible and able to move in confined spaces without having to worry about protruding parts colliding with surrounding obstacles. It's the right place to be, to feel and control the loader's movements, creating a confident and controlled driving experience.
The mini loader's low profile front frame and compact lifting boom ensure excellent forward visibility. The driver always has a clear view of the equipment and control of the placement of the front wheels. This gives a comfortable ride, and an ability to perform tasks with great precision.

First-class safety
Norcar mini loaders are equipped with hydraulic brakes and an advanced safety system. The brakes are activated automatically if the driver gets out of the driver's seat, and the mini loader can't be operated again without a driver in place and an acknowledgement of the brake button. Norcar loaders are equipped with a protective four pole frame, which guards the operator from all sides. A clear plastic canopy that shields against rain and sun comes as standard. The protective frame can be fitted with a steel roof (FOPS) that shields the driver from falling objects.

Strong and robust – lightweight and smooth
The machines are strong and well balanced thanks to the lifting boom and front frame being compact, yet sturdy. A centred lifting boom produces good conditions for durability and unbeatable visibility.
A telescopic extension boom increases the loader's versatility by enabling it to reach greater heights and working areas. The machine remains stable even when handling heavy loads since the extension boom is short when retracted.
Parallel leveller makes the machine safe and effective when using the pallet forks, as the attachment remains in the correct position, regardless of the boom height. Parallel leveller also provides the loader with greater lifting power.
Norcar mini loaders are compact and designed to have as low a centre of gravity as possible, which lower the the risk of tipping over with Norcar mini loaders, even in difficult terrain.

Norcar –the tank of mini loaders
Norcar loaders are manufactured in high quality steel, and components that are subjected to impact and wear, are made of steel. The mini loaders can withstand heavy wear and tear without damage to the machine.

Uncompromising articulated steering
Our articulated steering enables the mini loader to remain on all four wheels in all types of terrain, making it extremely easy to maneuver. The front and rear operate independently of each other, giving optimal traction and allowing the operator to easily understand the ground´s affect on the stability of the machine.
The articulated steering's turning angle enables a very tight turning radius, which is a popular feature on all Norcar loaders.

Easy to handle
Norcar's drivetrain is operated using a direction pedal that enables the machine to react quickly and with great precision. A foot throttle is found on all Norcars, with which it's possible to maintain the engine speed at the level required for the job, resulting in good fuel economy and noise reduction.
For jobs using attachments that require a continuously high oil flow, such as lawn mowers, brushes, and cultivators, there's a hand throttle. The drive speed can continually be changed, despite the engine speed being held constant.
Both the external hydraulics and the telescopic extension lifting boom are normally controlled using buttons on the joystick, resulting in optimal comfort and efficiency. The operator, therefore, doesn't need to let go of either steering wheel or joystick, and is able to pay full attention to the work being performed.

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