An obvious choice

“We bought our first loader from Norcar in 2007, and that was a Norcar 765. A few years ago when we sold it and wanted to buy a new one, continuing with Norcar was an obvious choice. We were very happy with the 765, and we did not feel that the competition offered anything to match Norcar’s quality.”

So says Henrik Sund, who works at the green area department at the Sunds Trädgård Ab family business located in Pietarsaari, Finland.

When the machinery was to be upgraded in 2017, the choice was made to obtain Norcar's largest model, i.e, an a7545.

“Even though we were very pleased with out first Norcar mini loader, I must say, given my two years of experience, that Norcar has done some outstanding development work over the past ten years since we acquired our first loader,” says Henrik Sund.

What Henrik emphasised above all is the comfort of the new cabin.

“In the autumn and winter, it seems much warmer. In the summer heat, it is more flexible since you can leave the door half-open. Above all, it is considerably more quiet inside. The sound level is much lower compared with the previous model, and you have no trouble listening to the radio while you work.”

The season at the green area department extends from May to December, and during the high season, this part of the company’s operation alone employs 15 - 20 people. The department mainly serves customers located within a radius of one hundred kilometres from Pietarsaari.

“What makes this particular loader so practical is that it can be transported on a somewhat larger car trailer. A few years ago, we had a major project down in Tammisaari, in the south of Finland, and we took the loader with us there.”

During the course of one season, Henrik and his colleagues perform about a hundred different construction projects. Of these, approximately 70 percent are for commercial businesses and residential companies, while the rest are done for private individuals.

“The a7545 is perfect for the kind of work we do. It is small and handy, but we are still surprised at how powerful it is when we use it for stonework.” The extension boom also makes it especially useful in many different situations.

“The only downside I can think of is that by being so flexible, we seldom need to work with shovels anymore, which means that we don’t get any exercise on the job,” says Henrik, laughing.

“At the same time, this also benefits the customer. We are much faster and more efficient, which keeps the total price down.”

As for equipment, Sunds has scoops, pallet forks and a slip for its a7545. The loader is mainly used during the summer for construction work; in the winter, it is put to use in snow-ploughing work.

“The articulation makes the machine so flexible that we can even use it inside the greenhouse. Considering our needs, it is a very versatile machine.”

When the time comes in the future when he once more needs to obtain a new loader, Henrik considers Norcar to be an obvious choice.

“We have been very pleased both with the loader and with the service we have received. Personally, I speak well of Norcar mini-loaders with those who ask.” Henrik concludes “It’s only natural that if you are very pleased with a product, you will be happy to recommend it to others.”