Comfort Cabin

Comfort Cabin

When you equip your Norcar loader with a comfort cabin you can safely perform all tasks during the year and in all weather conditions. You get access to a heated, insulated work environment with excellent visibility in all directions. The cabin has a high equipment level as standard, but there is a couple of extras also available to increase your comfort.

Norcar a6020 7007984
Norcar a6026  7007486
Norcar a6226 7007448
Norcar a7240 7007484


Standard equipment

  • 60 amp. alternator
  • Heated cabin
  • Radio and speakers
  • Windshield wiper
  • LED work lights, two in the front and one in the rear
  • Side window that you can open
  • Cabin door that you can lock in the open position
  • Glass roof (helps loading/unloading)
  • Warning beacon

Extra equipment for comfort cabin

Air conditioning
The cabin can be equipped with air conditioning. Cabin air filter is included.

Norcar a7240 7007485


Rear view camera
The rear view can be improved by installing a rear-view camera. It makes maneuvering easier and especially when you want to put an attachment on the rear of the machine. The 5” display is placed in the corner of the windshield in line with the rear-view mirrors. The camera gives a wide angle picture and is equipped with IR for optimal night vision.


Norcar a6020 7007985
Norcar a6026 7007569
Norcar a6226 7007568
Norcar a7240 7007567


Technical information for miniloaders with comfort cabin

  Weight, kg 
Norcar a6020 1460
Norcar a6026 1530
Norcar a6226 1530
Norcar a7240 1980