About us

About us

Norcar miniloaders are manufactured on the west coast of Finland. The country that is known for technical knowhow and ingenious inventions, smart work, and better solutions. We Finns are famous for our diligence, we do not quit until it is perfect. Norcar is the essence of all this, a smarter way of doing things.

Norcar has been developing and marketing high quality miniloaders since 1998 (est. 1979). During the years we have expanded our product line to meet the demands and expectations of our customers. The steadily growing assortment of attachments offers the possibility to perform different tasks easily and effectively. Our most common customers are people working in green area maintenance, entrepreneurs, agriculture and janitorial. A Norcar miniloader is an excellent support in performing tasks both in- and outdoors. We only use high quality materials and carefully selected components for our products. This provides robust and durable loaders for all conditions year after year.

We care about our customers. And one of the most important parts of our work at Norcar is to offer the best possible technical support and service in close cooperation with you, our customers.


Key features

Robot Welded
Norcar miniloaders are robot welded using high quality materials to provide a robust and durable loader for all conditions. We only use high quality components in our products.

Telescopic boom
The telescopic boom is standard for the a-series. This broadens the usage are of the loader thanks to increased lifting height and reach.

Centered lifting boom
The compact and strong construction of the lifting boom and front frame makes the machine stable and balanced during lifting. A centered boom provides durability, unbeatable visibility and less harm on bushings and friction blocks.

Low center of gravity
Norcar miniloaders are compact and have a low center of gravity. This makes working in demanding terrain safe without risk for tipping over.

Articulated steering
The back end follows the front end exactly and makes it easier to maneuver in confined and narrow spaces. An appreciated feature of all Norcar miniloaders is the small turning radius.

Driving position
Norcar miniloaders are handled in the same way as bigger wheel loaders with the driver seat on the rear frame.  This makes the miniloader smooth and easy to maneuver. Driving becomes safe and controlled and the work can be executed easily and effectively even in narrow spaces.

Oscillating central joint
The oscillating central joint is standard on the a-series. Owing to the oscillating central joint the loader is stable regardless of the terrain and therefore exceptionally easy to handle. Furthermore, the grip is ideal and gives the driver a feeling of the loaders’ excellent stability.

Safety system
Norcar miniloaders are equipped with hydraulic brakes and an advanced safety system. The brakes are activated automatically if the driver gets out of the driver’s seat, and the miniloader cannot be operated again without a driver in place and acknowledgement of the brake button.

Easy maintenance
Maintenance and engine inspection is simple and convenient on all Norcar miniloaders. By simply folding the motor hood back, it is possible to reach all service points for daily inspection and cleaning.