Norcar Oy Privacy Policy

This document presents how we collect and process your personal data, we advise you to read this document. The policy might be updated if changes in applicable laws or our business model occur. The updated policy becomes valid when published on

We strive to offer our customers and partners excellent services online. Therefore, we collect certain personal information about our website users. We at Norcar respect and protect your privacy, and all the data we process follows this privacy policy and applicable laws.

How is the data collected, and will it be transferred to anyone else?

Your personal data is used by Norcar Oy and Norcar Automation staff in relevant functions. Customer information and requests can also be passed forward to partners or representatives who handle customer requests, local sales, and services. They process personal data based on their own privacy policies. Norcar Oy and Norcar Automation is part of the same ownership group, and to offer you relevant services, we might share your information with the other company in the group. Some parts of the data processing can be outsourced to third parties, such as the data systems we use to store and process personal data and some marketing functions. We only use third party partners that comply with all applicable legislation to ensure that your data is still secured, confidential and used lawfully. Information might be disclosed to fulfill contractual or legal obligations or when a legal authority requires a disclosure. We might also disclose your personal data if we are a part of a business sale, such as a merger or an acquisition.

What type of information is collected?

We collect information from you when you fill out contact forms on our website (contact or job application form). We collect work-related contact details and your interests in our products and services.
Google Analytics allows us to track and understand our websites performance better. It helps us to shape the strategy of our business and learn more about our website visitors. Google Analytics is also used to analyze our websites’ performance and continuously develop the content of the site. Your contact information can also be collected through the Messenger app on our website. This information and request can be passed forward to the local Norcar representative in your area. We also have a Facebook pixel installed on our website so we easily can reach out to our customers with news and Facebook ads. The information we collect consists mainly of the following: Your name, contact details (e.g. phone number and e-mail address) country, region, street address and segment.

Why is information collected and how will it be used?

We mainly process personal data for the following purposes:

  • Marketing activities such as marketing analytics, marketing research and direct marketing.
  • Offering our products and services.
  • Developing our website.
  • Customer communications and responding to contact requests.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Fulfilling our contractual obligations, legal obligations and responding to legal claims.
  • Importer & representative relationship management.
  • Running and developing our business.
  • Recruitment.

At all times we comply with applicable laws. Your data is neither used for automatic decision making nor for profiling.

Personal information outside the European Union

In general, we do not transfer an EU citizen’s personal data outside the EU. If you are in a country outside of the EU, we might share your request and information with the Norcar representative in your country.

In some cases, data might be processed on servers located outside of the EU.

Data storage time

Personal data is stored if necessary for the purpose or as required by contract or law. The time we store data may vary depending on purpose and situation. When the data is no longer needed or required to be deleted, the data will be deleted in an appropriate way.

Any data will be saved in the register in the same way as the registrar has reported it and the data will be updated when the registered reports an update to us.

Safe storage of personal data

Our partners and server providers follow industry standards and practices. We protect personal data with user specific login, passwords, and user rights.

I want my personal data to be deleted

At any time, you have the right to:

  • withdraw your consent to collect and process your personal data.
  • know what data we have stored about you.
  • ask us to correct any errors in your personal information.
  • prohibit direct marketing.
  • object or restrict processing of personal data.

You can use these rights by notifying us at info[a]

Responsible registrant

The registrants of this personal data register:
Ab Norcar Oy (Business ID 2729347-2).